Matt is a dreamer. A modern day creative Renaissance Man. His imagination tends to overrun his life, and this is evident in his jack-of-all-trades mentality. Always found behind the screen of a computer, or behind the sounds of an instrument, Matt's curious nature guides him through life as he develops his creative voice and spirit, always asking 'why?' and 'how come?' and his trademark, 'what if?'.

A prolific artist and musician, he has composed nearly 100 songs over 5 albums and is just as avid of a visual designer. Matt is currently digging deeper into the principles of sound healing, and in his free time likes to practice kundalini yoga, research spirituality and consciousness, and find new ways to sythnesize his passions of music, art, technology spirituality, and health and wellness.


Adobe Photoshop CS 6
Adobe Illustrator CS 6
Adobe After Effects CS 6
Adobe Premiere CS 6
Adobe Audition CS 6
Cinema 4D R14


Ableton Live 9
Reason 5
Pro Tools 8
Adobe Audition CS 6
Cool Edit Pro

To listen to Matt's musical creations, or as he calls them, Sonic Journeys, please visit his Clandestiny bandcamp page. His latest album is entitled "The Journey Aum" and is one of his most cinematic creations yet!